Sherman County Soil and Water Conservation District

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The SWCD provides technical assistance and cost share assistance for   cropland erosion control and range management projects. The SWCD provides workshops on natural resource issues and sponsors an annual conservation tour.


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Open weekdays 8 am-4:30 pm

Sherman County Soil and Water Conservation District ®  302 Scott Street P.O. Box 405, Moro, OR  97039
Cropland Erosion Control 
  • Terrace Layout 
  • Water and Sediment Control Basin Layout 
  • Structure Design 
  • Flood Mitigation 
  • Construction Inspection 
  • Residue Management Practices 
  • Farm Plans 
Range Management Projects 
  • Fence 
  • Grazing Plans 
  • Spring Development 
  • Solar Wells 
  • Brush Control 
  • Pasture Reseeding 
  • Riparian Buffers 
  • Stream Temperature Monitoring  
    Technical and Cost Share Assistance to Install Your Projects
Sherman County SWCD Mission Statement

The Sherman County Soil and Water Conservation District strives to promote and protect the natural resources of not only Sherman County, but also all the areas included in our watershed drainages's. This board of directors believes that cooperation between State of Oregon and Federal agencies, public interest groups, and land owners / operators is of the utmost importance in achieving the goals of the district. We will continue to work for not only better soil and water conservation practices, but also for a better understanding between all parties concerned with the protection of our natural resources.  

Upcoming Events
SWCD Monthly Board Meeting
Second Tuesday of the Month
May 23rd - Lower John Day Place Based Planning Meeting & Outreach Event, 
Meeting 1pm - 4pm, Outreach 5pm - 7pm @ Cottonwood Caynon State Park
May 24th - SWCD Special Meeting
2:00 pm @ Moro Service Center

May 27th - Office Closed in Observance of Memorial Day

June 11th - Watershed Council Meeting, 7:30 am @ Moro Service Center

June 11th - SWCD Board Meeting 8:30 am @ Moro Service Center

July 4th - Office Closed in Observance of Independence Day


The local USDA NRCS staff presented a Partnership Award to the Sherman County SWCD at the 2019 CONNECT conference. The award recognized the District for providing outstanding assistance during fiscal year 2018 to help farmers and ranchers impacted by catastrophic wildfires.