Sherman County Soil and Water Conservation District

Sherman County SWCD Watershed Education Programs
In 2007 the Sherman County SWCD created the Watershed Education Reserve Fund. The purpose of this fund is to provide education and outreach in natural resources and conservation for activities associated with the Soil & Water Conservation District.

The fund was established to provide the opportunity to establish and expand a program with local schools and the community. To date, two programs have been created using these funds; the Watershed Education Incentive Program and the Sherman County SWCD Scholarship.

Watershed Education Incentive Program

The Watershed Education Incentive Program is to provide financial resources for local conservation education including workshops, demonstrations and youth conservation projects; to provide technical resources for implementation of education projects that will benefit Sherman County residents and resources; and to assist with worthwhile projects that don't fit traditional funding sources. 

​Applicants can apply for up to $2,000. Information and application are below.

Sherman County SWCD Scholarship

The Sherman County SWCD Board is pleased to announce the annual Sherman County SWCD scholarship program. 
In 2020 up to $5,000 will be divided among eligible Sherman High School Seniors or College/Higher Education Students. 

Graduate of Sherman County School District.
Be a current high school senior or enrolled in trade school or college/university.
Have chosen a career in some area of agriculture or vocational education. 
Hold a minimum GPA of 2.5

Please follow these instructions to improve your chances of being selected as a recipient.
Please note: Each applicant may win this scholarship no more than two times. 

*The application deadline is March 31, 2023*

Sherman County Soil and Water Conservation District ®  302 Scott Street P.O. Box 405, Moro, OR  97039
1.Complete the application form. 
 *Be sure to sign where indicated.
2.Attach your most current unofficial 
high school, college, or trade school transcript.
3.Do not bind or cover application.
4.Do not include pictures.
5.Return application as soon as possible.