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Kindergarten Stem Exploration Station

Ashley Macnab’s kindergarten class received a grant for a Stem Exploration Station. Activities include exploring water flow, sinking or floating, and mini lessons on erosion. The pump watering system shows conservation of water. The class also plans on creating and building different habitats for animals.. The kids were so excited and couldn't wait for their turn at the station. They also got to explore using the microscope and look at bee wings and flower petals. The Station was also used as an art table when the lid was on. Mrs. Macnab reported that the outcome was very positive this year and they are very excited for next year when they can really dive into using this!

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Everything is ready!
May contain: furniture, table, desk, basin, person, clothing, footwear, shoe, plywood, and wood
Using the microscope


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Rae Lynn helps put together the table
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